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June 15 2016


Is Liposculpture Right for You

Individuals wishing to improve their body contour often choose to undergo liposculpture in Melbourne, yet many others still wonder does laser lipo work? There is no one answer to this question, as results vary be individual. In addition, one won't see the actual results for months, possibly up to a year. In the event the desired results aren't seen, a touch up procedure may need to be done, yet this affects only a small percentage of patients, thus this doesn't need to be a concern. What exactly does the procedure entail and what do patients need to know?

Allen Baler

During the procedure, the doctor removes excess fat from the desired area, whether it be the abdomen, the thighs, the back, the arms or under the chin. This is not a weight loss solution, but deals with those areas that tend to not be helped by diet and exercise. In addition, patients who are struggling with stretch marks, cellulite and/or sagging skin may find the procedure actually exacerbates these problems. Talk to the doctor to determine the results to be expected and what won't be helped in this situation.

Men and women who are not far from their desired weight,yet still have areas of fat they are struggling to eliminate tend to benefit most from the procedure. Although it works for most people, it's most beneficial for those who have a BMI of 30 or under. In addition, patients with reduced skin elasticity find they don't obtain the desired results, as a result of this issue. The older one gets, the less elasticity the skin has, so keep this in mind when determining if liposculpture is the appropriate procedure.

Small areas tend to be treated with local sedation, yet areas that are larger will likely require the use of general anesthesia or IV sedation. Most patients go home the same day, and the procedure is often combined with other treatments to obtain the desired results. The best way to determine whether liposculpture in Melbourne is right for you is to make an appointment with a doctor offering this treatment. He or she can answer any questions and provide personalized information based on the patient, his or her body, medical history and more.

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